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Generator vacuum pump

Generator vacuum pump
The vacuum pump on the generator is also called the booster pump. It is located behind the rear end cover. The input shaft of the alternator vacuum pump is integrated with the rotor shaft of the generator and is connected to the vacuum booster braking device of the automobile to meet the braking needs of the automobile.
A vacuum pump, as the name suggests, is used to generate a vacuum. General cars are hydraulically assisted brakes, while trucks or buses are usually powered by auto brakes. The role of the vacuum pump is to generate negative pressure, thereby increasing the braking force. The vacuum pump of the automobile generator is generally an oil pump, that is, the vacuum pump core rotates with the shaft of the generator. Through continuous oil suction and pumping, a negative pressure is generated in the vacuum pump casing, that is, a vacuum.
The main parameters of the vacuum pump are: 1. The volume of the vacuum tank 2. The vacuum degree at different speeds. 3. The exhaust time at different speeds. 4. The oil pressure and oil temperature at different speeds. The above main parameters can be measured by using some such as tachometer (measurement speed), barometer (measurement of vacuum degree), hydraulic gauge (measurement of oil pressure), stopwatch (measurement of time), thermometer (measurement of temperature).

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